NanoJourno Update: Day 7


Interesting day, as I ended up splitting it between a defense of Lifeforce I’ve been hired to write for, and the first edit pass. The first pass was for the first half of the book which is where a couple of the jabberwocky pieces that really need do overs are, but on second read through…most of them work. They’ve got slightly lumpy endings but even those aren’t as bad as they first looked. There’s still one I intend to rip out and rebuild from absolute scratch though as it’s just not working.

Tomorrow is trench warfare day. Copy editing this beast from top to bottom, rewriting where necessary, with the day after as extra time for that if needed. Once that’s done, I’ll sit on it for a day or so, do the appendices and then come back to it for a fourth pass. I’ve got a full week with this thing and I’d dearly love to have it publication ready, at least in principle, by the end of week two.


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