NanoJourno Update: Day 8


8 days in and the first,’Carve a path through the jungle’ run is done as is the ‘Am I actually deluding myself and this stuff is JUST.AWFUL?’ pass.


I’m not deluding myself.


Aside from one endcap which is rubbish even after two rebuilds and normally I’d be bothered by but here’s the thing; my schedule for this allowed me the first fortnight of November. It’s the 8th, I have a huge amount of time to get what I want to get done, done. And the revised list for that looks a little something like:


-Do a second pass which takes out all the bits I still really hate and sort of make me want to pound my head against the desk. There are a few of these. Earlier in the week there were enough to do a very one-sided West Side Story dance fight.

-I then need to do a third pass to make sure I’ve actually been writing in English and nothing’s in my head that should be on the page.

-Assemble the original text documents again and pull all the end quotes from them. For those of you who may not know; each Pseudopod episode ends with a quote, sometimes a lyric, sometimes a line of dialogue. I want to pull all of these out and pop them on the bottom of each endcap as a footnote or, failing that, just have them in an appendix.

-Clean up The Halloween Parade answers blog post and put that in as another appendix.

-Accept that at that point it’s done and it gets pried out of my hands for copy edits, formatting and eventual e publication as a real growed up e book!

I’ve hit my goals for today and my goal for tomorrow is a second pass on the first six months.  There’s a bunch of really fun stuff that’s being lined up for this book which I’ll talk about shortly but for now, I’ve hit my marks and I’m stepping off the line until tomorrow. Feels good too:)

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