NEW The Secret of St Kilda Season 1 Trailer

The Secret of St Kilda is one of my favourite horror podcasts and one of my favourite jobs! I play the Narrator and it’s always a pleasure to spend some time with the incredibly talented Kilda folks. Earlier this week, two-fisted editor and all-around badass Mick got in contact and asked me to record some lines for a new trailer to celebrate the show joining the Fable & Folly Network. Here’s the result:

This was so much fun! It’;s a great show in which no character does anything wrong and nothing bad happens to anyone at all

The first part of that is definitely true. The rest..let’s move on. To this post from the fantastic Michelle about the move and then go download the whole first season. It’s a fantastic story with an amazing cast and knockout scripts. And I should know, I’m the Narrator…

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