News: Frankly ridiculous Sequential Sale underway

I read a lot of comics and graphic novels and digital comics have been an absolute godsend. Firstly because of the convenience of not having the house crammed with longboxes slowly but surely starting to smell a little unpleasant and secondly because of the regular bargains you can pick up.

Meet Bargainzilla.






Sequential is one of the two major digital comics platforms on the planet right now. They specialize in graphic novels over individual issues and there’s some amazing stuff in that sale. I can particularly recommend:

charleys war

 Arguably the single most horrifying war comic produced in the UK. The story of one young soldiers’ journey through the 1st (And later 2nd) World War it’s crammed full of horror, broad comedy, vast cliffhangers and surprising emotional honesty.




screw on headMignola’s work is going to be showing up a lot on this site soon but for now this is a lovely, anarchic primer for his unique brand of slightly steampunky comedy horror.




Both those and countless other amazing titles are at ridiculous prices right now so if you can, pop along to Sequential and pick yourself up some bargains.

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