News: The Black Feather Three return in The Silver Tide

Jen Williams’ books were instrumental in finally helping me love fantasy fiction. She writes, like compatriots Andrew Reid, Den Patrick, Liz De Jager and Edward Cox, real people who react in real ways to magnificently unreal events. Plus, in Wydrin, Jen has created one of the definitive fantasy heroines of the century. And certainly the definitive fantasy tavern bill…

I’ve talked about The Copper Promise and The Iron Ghost elsewhere on the blog and Jen’s been an extremely welcome guest too. So it makes me tremendously happy to not only see The Silver Tide get a cover release but this blurb:

SilverTideTales of the Black Feather Three and their exploits abound far and wide, and Wydrin of Crosshaven, Lord Aaron Frith and Sir Sebastian have become sell swords in demand. Having foiled powerful mages and evil magic, they now face a challenge unlike any before – in the form of Wydrin’s mother.

Devinia the Red, notorious pirate and captain of the Poison Chalice, is intent on finding the fabled treasure hidden within the jungles of the cursed island of Euriale. She needs the skills of her daughter Wydrin and her companions to get there, and our heroes cannot resist the lure of coin and adventure. But no explorer has returned from the heart of the island, and it’s not long before the Three find themselves in the clutches of peril. Deep within the island of the gods, there are remnants of forces best left undisturbed…

I’m sure everything will go fine. I mean, it always does where the Black Feather Three are concerned. Don’t believe me?

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There you go, that should keep you busy till the next one comes out…

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