Operation Krogan Batman is GO!

Dave Robison is one of the finest people I know. He’s a dynamo of enthusiasm, ideas and energy, always driving forwards, always bringing other people with him and always with something else on the backburner. He’s an inspiration, a man whose absolute faith in other never ceases to humble and amaze me.

A couple of months ago, Dave reached out to me and asked me to join a group of writers he was putting together for a project. Antimatter Press had solicited ideas for ‘serial novellas’, a series of stories set in the same universe and Dave had successfully sold them on a concept. He wanted me, and three other writers, to help bring it to life.

The idea is simple; tell an overarching story set in the same universe using five different writers featuring characters in a common universe.

One of those characters is mine.

Operation Krogan Batman no more. Welcome to the Shattered Worlds. Time to meet The Wane.

The idea is this; centuries ago something happened that broke reality apart. Now, Shards, small worlds with different physical characteristics, histories and inhabitants float in the void. Some of them trade. Some of them are completely unaware of what’s outside their horizons. Some of them are home to Walkers. Walkers are individuals who can move between the worlds without needing a vessel. They are prized, dangerous and rare.

There’s never been an Urgon Walker.

Aside from one.

The Urgon are a large, brawny reptilian race made up of multiple sub groups . They’re industrious, very tough and feared across the shards. The Wane is one of the few things the Urgon are frightened of. An armoured hero on a centuries old mission, The Wane is the last thing the enemies of the Urgon see. He’s Batman crossed with Urdnot Wrex, a figure of huge power and status.

Rill, my character, is about to find out everything about The Wane. She’s not going to like what she finds.


There’s more, much more and most of it’s not written by me. So who else is on board?

Dave Robison-Writers Roundtable Host, architect of the world and our Captain Winters.

Sarah Chorn-Writer, reader, owner of Bookworm Blues and one of the smartest, precise book bloggers I know.

Colin Barnes-The most prolific, pragmatic author I know. Colin has a work ethic that would make Henry Rollins nod appreciatively.

Mercedes M Yeardley-Mercedes’ debut novel was just published, she just bought a new motorbike and her relentless enthusiasm for those is eclipsed only by her relentless enthusiasm for this project.


And me. Which amazes me. I’ve had a difficult relationship with fiction writing for a few years now. I was actually in the process of making my peace with forever being Helo to everyone else’s ragtag fugitive fleet but now?

Now I’m part of a group of amazing writers working towards a really fun goal. I’m enjoying writing fiction and I’m being PAID for it.  I can’t wait to see where this goes. In fact,  The Wane won’t wait so I really should get back to it…





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