PODCAST: Chauncey DeVega and I talk Alien: Covenant

I’ve talked about both the Alien franchise and the connective biomechanical tissue it all shares and Alien: Covenant in particular over at tor.com in the last two weeks. Those were fun, thematically chewy pieces to put together and as a result, Chauncey DeVega got in contact.

Chauncey does incredible work. He’s a contributing writer for Salon and AlterNet, a frequent guest on countless radio stations and has written for Newsweek, The Daily Kos and many more. He asked me onto the show and we chatted about the Alien series, Covenant and how everything ties together. We also chatted about a BUNCH of other stuff because there’s a vast commonality of nerdery between us and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in ages.

The episode I’m on is now up so do go listen, not just to me but to the whole show. Chauncey’s doing brilliant work and it was both great fun and a huge honor to be asked on. Plus, we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out how the whole franchise will end…



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