Podcasting: Cast of Wonders joins Escape Artists!

Hi everyone, over here you’ll find a three part meta cast we recorded at Worldcon in Spokane:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There’s all kinds of great stuff in all three and you should listen to each one but before I bury the big story altogether, we’re bringing aboard a new show! Cast of Wonders, the Parsec-award winning YA podcast! Click on the banner to go see them!

Cast of Wonders

One other thing: when the idea of Cast of Wonders joining the company came up, I took it to editorial. I explained why I thought it would be a good idea, what they do, why they’re great and that it was Marguerite’s show. As a result there was a potential, if perceptual, conflict of interest and that needed to be addressed. So, I asked editorial whether that would be a problem for anyone, and assured them that if it was, we wouldn’t go forward.

Their exact response was something along the lines of ‘Why aren’t they one of us already?’

A fourth show is something we’ve been wanting to do for years, and no idea has ever quite got off the Launchpad. Cast of Wonders, with its back catalogue, established format and close relations with EA already is a perfect choice. Plus, and I know this is something Marguerite will talk about when the show steps across, Cast of Wonders has the widest remit of any show. Pick any four Cast of Wonders episodes at random and you’ll find wildly different genres, subject matters and approaches. The one thing that unites them is the thing that unites the existing three EA shows; fun, and the love of good stories.

There’s a wider point here too; folding Mothership Zeta and Cast of Wonders into the mix is a large scale expansion and one the company’s needed for a while. It’s also a hugely increased amount of fun stuff for listeners and a hugely increase amount of work for us.

Expansion is needed but it’s also not easy. So, if you can, please go to any of the three sites) and donate or subscribe. Donations are one off amounts of your choice, subscriptions are a targetable amount that begins at 2 bucks a month and helps way more than you think. Click on any of the three main sites below and please donate or subscribe through there if you can.


So to sum up:

-Currently, we’re these three shows:

escape pod



-Shortly, our digital magazine, Mothership Zeta will launch.Get their issue 0 here!

mothership zeta

-All those markets pay pro rates.

-Early next year, Cast of Wonders joins the family and goes pro rate when it does.

Cast of Wonders

Five titles, all pro rates pay, in 2016. So if you’ve not listened to any of our shows yet, now’s the time. Because take it from me, the chief Escape Artist, our greatest tricks are yet to come.

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