Podcasting: Geek Syndicate hits 250

Geek-Syndicate-Podcast-BannerI’ve written about Geek Syndicate before because they’re great. Perceptive, funny, enthusiastic and inclusive geeks they embody the best ideals of geekdom in a way a lot of people pay lipservice to but few actually bother with.

They’ve just hit episode 250 too so why not embrace the fundamental human desire to attach meaning to slightly arbitrary numbers and go take a listen!  Here’s what’s on that episode:


  • Dave briefly chats about some Arrow casting that is personal to him.
  • The Han Solo spin off film is discussed and this time it’s the lads who shoot first.
  • Monts and Nuge talk about their panels at the upcoming Nine Worlds Convention.

Week that was

  • Killjoys
  • Dark Matter
  • Original Sin
  • iZombie
  • Now they have been using it for a little while the guys give their thoughts on Marvel Unlimited.


The lads read out some listener emails.

Big thanks again to everyone who has stuck with us and has enjoyed the show.

The episode is here, so go dive in. And thanks, chaps, you’re amazing. See you at the weekend:)

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