Podcasting: Oceans of Time on The Voice of Free Planet X

I love my job. Well, I love all my jobs but in this instance I love podcasting. Not only is it fun but it means every now and then I get to do really fun projects with blistering talented other people.

One of those is the magnificent Jared Axelrod who invited me to be on The Voice of Free Planet X a little while back. The idea for the episode is lovely; a series of interviews with the members of a support group for becalmed time travelers. Even better, Jared had us improvise our answers to his interview questions. In the hands of a lot of other people, would have been hugely intimidating. This being Jared, it was huge fun.

The episode, featuring Rasheedah Phillips of the AfroFuturist Affair, the magnificent Laura Burns, president of The Parsec Awards, A. F. Grappin & Erin Kazmark of The Melting Podcast and me of loads of places but mostly Pseudopod, is up now. Go, listen and then dive into the back catalogue too. Jared does great work and it was a pleasure being a slightly scattered, polite British chrononaut for him.

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