Podcasting: Writer’s Roundtable with Dave Robison and David Nickle


One of the genuinely brilliant parts of my job is that I get to talk to some incredible people. This week is no exception. I’m the guest host on the next couple of episodes of Writer’s Roundtable, joining the force of nature that is Dave Robison. First up, this week, is the 20 minute spotlight on the other guest host which, for this episode, is David Nickle.

David is both one of my favorite authors and favorite people. He’s an extraordinarily gifted, perceptive journalist with an incredible clarity of vision. He’s also one of the most talented writers working in horror today and has been a frequent flyer on Pseudopod. Every single story we’ve run by David is counted among my favorite and Knife Fight, his most recent appearance with us, is especially great.

So, pop over here and listen to us chat to David. Then pop over here and listen to his stories. All of them horrific, all of them brilliant and all of them, like everything we run on Pseudopod, true. Or at least, true enough…

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