PSA: Gone Kickstarter

Last year at Thought Bubble, which is great and you should go to by the way, I bought Art. I could tell it was Art with a capital ‘A’ firstly because it was the first time I’d bought any and secondly because it was great. The stuff I really liked was a trio of Tom Eddy pieces depicting a very familiar control room which you can see below and also give Tom money for because they’re wonderful. So wonderful in fact they’re the sole item that isn’t a TO DO whiteboard on my office wall.

I was delighted to see Tom’s got a project on Kickstarter right now. ‘Gone’ sees him illustrating Simon Birks‘ story of AssistA, a robot who wakes up to find its the only being aboard the vessel its travelling on.

Well, at first it thinks that…

Gone 2I’m an absolute mark for creepy, subtle SF and this looks like exactly that. The Kickstarter is running right now and is intended to cover costs for the first of four issues. Simon, Tom and cover artist Lyndon White do great work and this looks like a really fun, creepy series. £3 gets you a digital copy and £15 gets you a digital copy, a print copy, some extra media stuff and your name listed in the ‘MIA’ section. Which is pretty cheap for being caught up in a space-based mystery when you think about it.

The campaign’s running now and is just over here.

Follow Simon on Twitter here.

Follow Tom on Twitter here.

Follow Lyndon on Twitter here.

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