Pseudopod 500 Liiiiiiivvveess!


Episode 500 of Pseudopod went live today. It’s a Fritz Leiber story and one of a ten part series Shawn and Alex have put together highlighting the best horror from every decade of the 20th century. This one’s free, and massive at 13,000 words. The rest will be released monthly to subscribers and the link to subscribe is on the left just over here.

I’ve been with the show nine years which is amazing. It’s officially the longest running job I have ever had at this point and it’s also still my favorite one. I get to work with brilliant people, learn from the best fiction writers in the field and indulge my Chris Stevens‘ audio cosplay fantasies weekly! And I get paid to do it!

I’m really proud of the outro for this one and the text will go up later in the week here. But before that I wanted to say thank you. To Serah for taking a chance on me nine years ago, to Ben and Mur for teaching me how to do this and to the incredible Shawn Garrett, Graeme Dunlop, Alex Hofelich, Dagny, Brian, Adrian, Jennifer, Nick, Nicole, Jesse, Kat, Chelsea and Tad. And of course, the listeners.

500 episodes of true stories. Here’s to 500 more. Thanks, everyone.


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