Reblog Special: Matt Wallace vs the HWA Questionnaire

Matt Wallace is one of my favorite people, and writers. He’s relentlessly hard working, insanely talented, knows at least six ways to tear your arm clean off your body (And, I suspect, cure and season the meat for tacos) and brooks precisely no bullshit. Matt’s work is bloody-knuckled, clear eyed and shot through with equal amounts rage and jet black humour. I dig it the most.

This is his Amazon Page. Start with Sundae. You’re welcome.

This is his Amazon US page. Start with Sundae. You’re still welcome.

Whereas this is a post Matt put up on his Tumblr about the staggeringly muddle headed questionnaire the Horror Writers of America ran a few days ago.Beneath it is his response questionnaire which, I think, any writers amongst you will find much more useful.

[View the story “Matt Wallace vs the HWA Quiz” on Storify]

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