Review: Bionic Battle Rabbit

Marc Jackson’s comics are a sugar rush of pure joy. He’s got this wonderful ability to balance silly with carefully observed, very funny comedy and anything he puts out is worth your time. Bionic Battle Rabbit, which should probably sell you based on the title alone, is no exception.

bionic battle rabbit

Here’s the deal; a game designer on a crunch spills coffee on his computer. It goes badly. Electricity is involved. This happens.

bionic battle rabbit 1

And then this happens.

bionic battle rabbit 2

Thrown into the world of his game, he must survive, he must escape and he must shoot a LOT of robots. Like, A LOT.

This is Marc at the top of his game. Funny, gentle and acutely self aware. It’s available now, direct from him. Click here to get in touch with him and to look through the rest of his back catalogue. It’s all great.

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