REVIEW: Hot Dog and Mustard

Marc Jackson’s work is a frequent flier in these parts and for good reason. His art has exuberant, fizzy energy to it, his comedic timing is spot on and there are few comic creators better at knowing exactly how long a story needs to be. His latest, Hot Dog and Mustard, is available now and is an A4 sized comic with a panel a page. And it’s GREAT.

Hot Dog and Mustard are dogs. Their human, Dave, has ordered a robot. They open the package. Property damage, physical comedy and Don Johnson ensues. It’s deceptively simple stuff but the best comedy, the most pared down comedy is the hardest to do. This is a classic Saturday morning cartoon in comic form and the format is an inspired choice. The volume on each joke is turned up, Jackson’s art has room to shine and the whole thing sprints along like a big exuberant dog. Or perhaps two of them.

Marc’s stuff is all worth your time and this is no exception. Funny, joyous mayhem doesn’t get better than this. Hot Dog & Mustard is available now.

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