Review: Lenny the Lettuce Issue 1

lenny cover

Marc Jackson’s work is always a pleasure to see and, given the amount of places it turns up, increasingly popular. Lenny originally appeared in the Beano but this is an all new story about one lettuce, his epic journey to work and some inter- dimensional shenanigans.

Marc’s style is as loose and exuberant as ever but really pops here is his comic timing. This is a funny strip, but the jokes all come from character as opposed to the need for random pratfalls. And given two of the characters here are a humanoid lettuce and a superhero, that’s quite some achievement.


Plus Lenny’s a fundamentally likable…lettuce…guy…oid. He’s funny and sweet and cannot keep time to save his life. He’s us, just with slightly weird taste and made of way more cellulose.


That instant empathy is what makes this a joy to read. Marc’s work is always fun but it’s constantly getting better and this is his best yet. Lenny may be a lettuce, but he’s cool as a cucumber.


Find out more about Lenny, Marc’s other work and his patreon at his website.


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