REVIEW: Robo Hats 1 and Goons of the Galaxy 3

Marc Jackson’s work is always welcome round here and he’s got two great books out right now. The first, Robo Hats, follows the mysterious adventures of Howard and Hannah Hats. Every day citizens of Truetown, their lives are changed forever by the arrival of mysterious, robotic hats…










This is the most traditional I’ve seen Marc go and it works really well with his style. There’s a straight plot, some interesting foreshadowing and a great premise, all of which is presented in his usual exuberant style. It’s fun, it’s clever, it’s sweet natured and it’s just great comics.  I am officially looking forward to issue 2 already. Plus I want one of the hats.

Robo Hats 1 is available for £5 from Marc Makes Comics







Goons of the Galaxy 3 continues the adventures of Jerry Jetflash. From the moment he drank all the blue milk, Jerry has been thrown into adventure after adventure. Plus he did get some more milk eventually.

There are two stories here and they’re both great. The first deals with Jerry’s slightly rubbish dad and the hero worship he clearly still feels for him. It’s character heavy, action packed and fun stuff that includes a spacecraft dealership with a LET’S MAKE A DEAL! sign outside and some really sweet father son bonding. The second explores the perils of hitching a ride home on something fast when you’ve annoyed your uncle. Both are very funny and speed along with Marc’s trademark energy and enthusiasm.

Goons of the Galaxy is available in the always excellent Aces Weekly, in Week 28.

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