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Aaaaand we’re back. This last year involved tag team work with Mr Kudos about the new Star Wars comic, more interviews, more reviews and my first ever piece of toy journalism.


And that’s it. Five years, about 291 pieces of work. There’ll be one more post after this collecting the paid TV reviews and ‘Isn’t It About Time You Gave THING ONLY ALASDAIR LOVES Another Chance?’ pieces but I’ll save that for another time.

Who Killed Judge Dredd?

Princess Leia, X-Wing Pilot: A Victory For Feminism? Or Stunt Casting?

Princess Leia, X-Wing Pilot: The Verdict


The Wolfmen and Fall of the Wolfmen

Rose Black: Demon Seed

Behind The Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who

Sex and the Mega-City: Closet Dredd Overreaction

2000AD Prog 1817

The Man of Steel Opportunity

The Aylesford Skull

Queen of the Silver Skulls: An Interview with Sarah Cawkwell

The Power Behind Captain Marvel: An Interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick

Dredd checks out The Closet

Adam Roberts Academic Conference

Octo: Games of Spring

Afterlife Inc Volume 1

Afterlife Inc Volume 2

Games of Life

Classic Comic Strip Goldtiger Rediscovered…Sort of

Riding The Range With The Yorkshire Cowboy: The Work of Aaron Murphy

Fearless Defenders Issue 1

An interview with Cullen Bunn, writer of Fearless Defenders

Geeky Comedian Seeks Venue

Merlin and Being Human Cancellation Coincidences

The Titanium Physicists

Ideas Inc.

Age of Ultron Book 1

Red Nose Day Geek Projects

Bundle of Holding

Moosekid Comics

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Sourcebooks

Squid Bits! An interview with Jess Bradley

Coyote Tales: An Interview with Jim Bihyeh


We Are Monsters-An Interview with John Shackleton

Achtung Cthulhu

Journeys in the Winterlands

Hookers and Blowe

Age of Ultron Book 2

Age of Ultron Book 3

Age of Ultron Book 4

Healing The World Through Tabletop Games: An Interview with Wil Wheaton

The Art of Dead Space

2000ad Prog 1824

The Write The Future Conference

Cubicle 7 Bring Back Lone Wolf

Porcelain:A Gothic Fairy Tale Graphic Novel

Porcelain Graphic Novel Animated Trailer

The Book of Sith

Legacy Comics Needs A New Home

Zomblogalypse The Movie

Putting the Romance Back Into SF-An interview with Starla Huchton

Six Gun Gorilla

Doctor Who’s Been Cut Down To Size

Knight & Dragon

Stage The Future

The Movement Issue 1

Steampunk Salamagundi

Fox Pocket anthologies

Tim Lebbon is (An) Iron Man!

Fish and Chocolate

Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero

Nights at the Round Table Episode 1

Professor Elemental Interview

PunkPunk Call for Submissions

The Red Panda Adventures

Man From Space

Liberator Issue 2

AfterLife Inc Volume 3 preview

Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman

Nothing to Prove by The DoubleClicks

Jupiter’s Children Issues 1 and 2

Start Victoriana Roleplaying for Free

Think Tank

The Art of Elysium

Suave Rob’s Double X Derring Do by Dan Sawyer

The San Diego Inclusive

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World Collected Edition

Batman: Zero Year Issue 1

The Ministry Initiative

Doctor Who in Six Lines of Java plus interview with Ian Belam

Split Worlds: An interview with Emma Newman

Zenith Returns

Ten Grand Issue 1

You’ll Be Safe Here

It Came! Issue 1

Numbercruncher Issue 1























































































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