SFX Blog Archive: 2012

2012, or as I like to call it; the year I didn’t stop writing. There’s a lot of stuff here including interviews with the entire Monkeybrain Comics starting line up, more Blogbusters and reviews of a lot of the books I picked up at Thought Bubble the previous year.

Blogbusters-SciFi Sob Stories

Blogbusters-You’ve Read The Book, Now See The Film

Zombie Gunship

Introducing Strange Chemistry

The Monkeybrain Interviews: Bandette

The Monkeybrain Inrterviews-Edison Rex

The Monkeybrain Interviews-Amelia Cole and the Unknown World

The Monkeybrain Interviews-The October Girl

The Monkeybrain Interviews-Aesop’s Ark

20 Years of Tripwire With Joel Meadows

Blogbusters-Favorite Sci Fi Fight Scenes

Blogbusters-Star Crossed Lovers

Humble Music Bundle

Short, Sweet and Free: The Hugo Short Story Short List

Blogbusters-Pimp My Ride

Sundae by Matt Wallace

Atomic Robo And The Flying She-Devils Of The Pacific Issue 1

Blogbusters-Science Fiction Cities

The Waffles for Stephanie Campaign

Blogbusters-Fantasy Franchise Crossovers

Blogbusters-SciFi Music

Captain Marvel Issue 1

Blogbusters-Avengers Reaction

Blogbusters-Dream Teams

Blogbusters-Saved for Prosperity

Blogbusters-Top of the Flops

Fox Spirit-More Than Just Nunsploitation

Extermination Issue 1

Blogbusters-Sci Fi Bitching

Blogbusters-A Doctor Who Companion Piece

3 Postcards from Alt Fiction 2012

Blogbusters-The Inner Non Geek

Blogbusters-The Walter Crick Testimonial

Blogbusters-Sacred Cows The Team Just Doesn’t Get

Blogbusters-Reboots, Who Needs Them?

Blogbusters-2012 Summer Blockbusters

Blogbusters-Essential Comic Reading

Blogbusters-That Guy Who Was In That Thing Last Year

Assembling The Geek Nation

Adam Christopher Interview

Blogbusters-Guilty SciFi Pleasures

Slumdroid Volume 01

Crossing the Lines: An Interview with Simon Spurrier

Blogbusters-What Do We Want To See In The Joss Whedon SHIELD  TV Show?

Blogbusters-Reversible Deaths

Blogbusters-The Best of Enemies

Aurora Rises Charity Auction

Total Recall 2012

Blogbusters-The JLA

Blair Butler interview

Blogbusters-The Best SciFi Sidekicks

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World

Madam Samurai

Judge Anderson-Shamballa

Weapons Grade Puntonium

A Better Class Of Tentacle: Interviewing Pornokitsch

The Batman Judge Dredd Collection

Welcome to Einarinn-An Interview with Juliet McKenna

Two Worlds War:An Interview with Danie Ware

Doctor Who:The Child of Time

The Professor Elemental comic

Absalom:Ghosts of London

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Episode 2: The Houses In-Between

Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson vs Nottingham

Return to the Failed Cities: An Interview with Matt Wallace

Blogbusters-Time Travel

Airship by Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell

Signal by Paul Duffield

Was Doctor Who’s PS to Brian really that sweet?

Blogbusters-Weird Science

Thought Bubble 2012 Anthology

The Mice:The Factory Menace

The Man of Glass

Blogbusters-Star Wars Episode VII:The Blogger’s Cut

Judge Anderson-The Psi Files Volume 1

The Telikos Protocol Issue 1






























































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