Slingers-The 7 Day Slam Offer


The Slingers series, by my friend Matt Wallace, has been a highlight of the year for me. I’ve talked about it, at length, for months now and the reason for that’s really simple; it’s brilliant. No one else would have dared to combine a unique narrative voice with every dystopian SF death sport archetype and moments of desperate humanity like Matt. No one else could have pulled it off as well as he does either. It’s an astonishing series, and it’s one that I think will only build a fanbase as time goes by.

Or, indeed, a fanvase, as I just typed.

I think that fanbase deserves to grow fast, and quickly. And the final part is released on October 5th. And I’m a nice guy. And, I’m allergic to saying ‘no’ to work, so I have a deal for you.

-If you’ve never bought a copy of Slingers up to now, go and buy them. Volumes 1 and 2 will set you back 2 bucks, all of which goes to Matt. You can stick it to Amazon for under 5 bucks and get something great to read whilst your doing it. Or, line Jeff Bezos’ billionth pocket if you must. Doesn’t matter. Just buy the damn books.

-Once you’ve done that, either email me at alasdairstuart at gmail dot com or tweet at @AlasdairStuart, a photo or screengrab of your receipt. Delete or futz out whatever you don’t want me to see obviously.

-If you are one of the first 20 people to do this? I will do one of these two things for you:

-Audio work of up to 5 minutes. Want me to guest on your podcast? Record a voicemail message? Read limericks? Done.


-A piece of bespoke flash fiction of up to 1000 words. Which only ever gets sent to you.

-You have 7 days. Starting now.

I am insanely busy at the moment; I’m moving house and job and live my life in the two hour increments of free time I can chisel free.  Doesn’t matter. Firstly because the 20 people who sign up for this will get their stuff by the end of the year and secondly because Matt does work that’s absolutely worth your time and mine. And remember, volume 5 arrives October 8th.



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