Still Alive

Triumph. Note. Huge success. Etc.

First up, the Escape Artists websites, including the ones you don’t see but that we use to help run the ones you do see, are either borked or going very slowly at the moment. We’re aware of the problem, aware of its scope and the fix should start in a couple of days. We’re also very aware that this is, at least, the third time this has happened in the last year and believe me, we’re all as utterly pissed off about it as you are. We’re looking at a server change and better IT support in the short term. The plan’s in place, should be implemented soon and maybe next time will be the leap home. Or we’ll land on servers not powered by flywheel as, frankly, these seem to be.

So yeah, there’s an issue, we know there’s an issue, we’re sorry there’s an issue and we’re working on solving the issue. Also, we have always been at war with Eurasia.

In other news:

I am currently deep in the forest of deadlines, hacking a path through the underbrush and really, really hammering a metaphor into a thin flat sheet. There will be a Friday Film this week, even if all it consists of is either the words FILM AM GOOD written in 72 point letters or me explaining, in detail, why I may prefer the Robocop remake to the original.

Anyway, I’m still here just under a series of guns. Comic reviews are done, one interview is done and I’m 3000 words off the end of a ridiculously fun Victoriana assignment which has involved almost no crushingly tedious rules gonkery and an awful lot of marvellously loopy ideas. I really hope my concept for the Shepherds (Supernatural Church cowboys hunting the shards of the archangel Gabriel that were embedded in Arizona and its inhabitants 50,000 years ago when he exploded and caused Meteor Crater. AND I AM BEING PAID TO MAKE THIS STUFF UP!) makes it through for one. Once Victoriana’s done I may make myself take a day off and then come back with next week’s stuff which, right now, looks like this:

-One interview

-Comic reviews

-Three weeks of Pseudopod endcaps

-Two weeks of Escape Pod endcap

-Follow up emails for three more projects

-10th Doctor sourcebook

Oh yes, it’s also now officially official, and will be in another blog post, that I’m writing the 10th Doctor sourcebook for Cubicle 7’s excellent Doctor Who RPG. Writing the 6th Doctor one (Out this year!) completely changed my perception of 6’s run, for the better, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with 10 here. There are huge chunks of his run I love (The entire Donna year, two of the specials, some of the Torchwood season) I love and chunks of it (Fear Her, the rest of the Torchwood season, the entire endgame for the Martha season, the other two specials) that I really don’t get on with. Be interesting to see how that changes.

So yes, busy and indeed busy. More soon, promise.

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