Stop the Clock

So I’ve got about six books on my Kindle I’m in the middle of, 100 or so comics on my ipad and another few books too and a number of podcasts so large it crosses a timezone on my phone. This is a year which has reduced everything it hasn’t outright taken with, weirdly, the exception of culture. We have time to read, time to listen, time to watch and play.

But we don’t always have the focus.

So, if you’re like me, then you coat yourself in the armor of potential joy. The books you always meant to get to, the movie you wanted to see. Taking a chance to use the good pens even as you worry about whether you should. That’s how a lot of us got through this year. Certainly how I did.

Now it’s time to put them down. Stop the clock. Don’t try and cram any last minute culture into your face, however tempting that may be. Relax, if you can, let the year end and the calendar shift. Yes it’s an arbitrary division. Yes it’s one that’s vitally important to a lot of people.

It’s also a new start. Clear your kindle and put another couple of books on there. Add some new podcasts or start over climbing the foothills of your TBL pile. Whatever you do, tomorrow is a genuine blank page. Use it well, and use it for joy. We’ve all earned that.

See you back here around the 8th. Happy new year everyone!

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