Sunday Moment of Zen: Clark Kent by Adam Warrock

Clark Kent’s one of my heroes. A country boy who can sling words like (almost) no other and who’s big, articulate and at times completely unsure where to put himself or how to fit into the world. I can relate to that.

Ray Charles by Chiddy Bang is one of my all time favorite songs. I first heard it, stuffed to the forehead with con crud, in the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin with one of my oldest dearest friends on one side of me and the love of my life on the other. It made me smile. Still does. One of my happiest memories of the summer of 2012 is working away in the Panera in Fremont with that in my headphones on loop.

Adam Warrock is an inspiration. A former lawyer turned magnificently enthusiastic, often very geeky rapper, Adam‘s one of the smartest people in the business. He’s also got a work ethic that puts most people to shame. Adam puts work out constantly through his blog and his new EP arrived through bandcamp yesterday. I’m buying it as we speak. So should you.

So, one of my heroes, singing a song about another one of my heroes, to the beat of one of my favorite songs. Yeah, that’s a Sunday Moment of Zen.


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