Sunday Moment of Zen: Come and Get Your Love

I’m a sucker for a good cold open. That moment where a story drops you into the middle and trusts you to swim to the sides is, when done well, magical. The Bond movies are the undisputed World Champion of the form but Dragon Age: Inquisition’s epic 6-8 hour cold open, that you don’t realize is one until it’s over, comes pretty close.

And then there’s this. It’s actually the second part of a 1-2 punch to the heart that sees the movie open with the young Peter Quill fleeing his mother’s deathbed and promptly being abducted. It’s a short, very straight, heartbreaking sequence that caught the audience I saw the movie with and put them all on notice for more tragedy to come.

Instead, we got this and it’s glorious. So, for the first Sunday Moment of Zen in 2015, and with apologies for the bad quality, may I present the dance stylings of Mr Peter Quill, aka Star Lord.



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