Sunday Moment of Zen: Lighten Up

It’s an interesting time to be a comic reader. There are some brilliant, shining examples of the medium being published at the moment and I could spend ages listing the fantastic books you need to be reading. Likewise, I could go into detail about the various scandals and outrages, some small, some not large enough, that have rocked the industry in the last couple of years.

But other writers have written better pieces than I could about that. And, one one case, drawn them.


Ronald Wimberly’s piece Lighten Up, was published at The Nib this week. It’s an elegant, polite and horrifying look at racism in modern comics. It’s beautifully drawn, beautifully written and punches way above its deceptively light touch would have you expect. It’s also this week’s Sunday Moment of Zen.
Lighten Up

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