Sunday Moment of Zen: Mark Kermode vs Entourage: The Movie

Mark Kermode is one of the reasons I’m a movie critic. His Cult Film Corner on Mark and Lard’s gloriously obtuse and eccentric Radio 1 show in the 1990s taught me so much about movies and story structure that I still lean on today. In fact, I wrote to him once, all of 17 at the time, to ask for advice on being a movie journalist. He sent me this amazingly nice, helpful letter about folks to talk to and sent me a thick chunk of photocopied movie journalism from writers that had influenced him. Cool guy.

This is him not so much criticizing as annihilating the Entourage movie. Seriously, if this was a fight it would be an early referee stoppage due to the movie clearly being horrifyingly outclassed. On the one hand I’ve not seen any of it or the show so it may be unfair to judge. On the other, see if you can get through the first 30 seconds of this without recoiling at least once.

I lasted until Kevin Dillon’s first line.

I’m not proud of that.

And on the gripping hand? This is your Sunday Moment of Zen.


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