Sunday Moment of Zen: Mars by Night

Even as manned, governmental, spaceflight moves ever further away from practicality, robotic spaceflight is having some extraordinary successes. The Curiosity rover is a standout, a car sized robot rover that has trundled around Mars for months. The images Curiosity has sent back are remarkable because of their immediacy. There’s no saluting spacesuited figure telling us this is another world that we’re not on, just the point of view of an extraordinary machine. One that sometimes we can’t help but imagine isn’t super pleased about being marooned.

The imminent one robot uprising drawing it’s plans against us on Mars notwithstanding, the views are amazing. Thanks to Andrew Bodrov for this one in particular and for this week’s Sunday Moment of Zen.

Mars Panorama – Curiosity rover selfie: Martian night in The World

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