Sunday Moment of Zen: Mumble’s Big Number

Happy Feet is a deeply weird movie. On the one…flipper…it’s a standard ‘nerd discovers he’s special and saves everyone’ story whilst on the other it’s a musical. Or it’s a first contact story. Or a deeply unsettling exploration of abandonment and confinement and the effect it has on animals.

Or all of them.

Oh and Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman are in there as the penguin Elvis and Marilyn Monroe respectively.

Like I say, odd.

It’s a great movie because it’s so odd, but this? This is 1.11 of cinematic joy. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my immense pleasure to present Mumble, dancing to I Wish by Stevie Wonder. This makes me smile every single time and it’s this week’s Sunday Moment of Zen.


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