Sunday Moment of Zen: Starve the Ego, Feed The Soul

I’m a sucker for the crumpled hero. The sort of figure that gets the win, but only after getting dragged through Hell backwards, often whilst on fire, to do it. It’s a difficult thing to be fond of because once you like it you relate to it and once you relate to it you find yourself looking at that sort of situation and finding it in your life. Often quite a lot.

The top half of 2013 was all about the crumpled hero for me. The second half too. And a lot of 2014 so far.

Underneath all that though, is peace. The sort of peace you get from doing a very hard thing and being told you don’t have to do it anymore. The sort of peace that’s a victory and a destination all by itself. We all have miles to go before we sleep but we will all sleep so very well when we do get there.

With that in mind, here’s Starve the Ego, Feed The Soul by Glitch Mob. It’s this week’s moment of Zen.


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