Sunday Moment of Zen: The Hearts Filthy Lesson

In late 1995, my head full of bad wiring and grief scars I wasn’t nearly mature enough to acknowledge, I went to the movies. It was Se7en, that I saw with a bunch of University friends. Like The Usual Suspects, it was a movie that came at us sideways and, like The Usual Suspects, it became a vital part of my critical DNA.

A big part of that were the end credits. A nasty, switchblade grinned punch to the liver that echoes one of the film’s final lines about John Doe being the one in control. They scroll backwards down the screen, daring you to look away, daring you to watch. This track plays over them and it’s a moment of cinematic perfection, just as skewed, horrific and poised as the movie that came before it and the monster at its center. There are other Bowie songs I love more now, but this one was the first. And this one is your Sunday Moment of Zen.


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