Sunday Moment of Zen: The Savage Ambiance of Doctor Dinosaur!

Atomic Robo is one of my favorite comics. It’s a glorious series, about the world’s first artificially intelligent robot, Robo (And yes he’s atomic). The ‘son’ of Nikola Tesla, Robo has been around for decades, faced eldritch horrors, fought in World War II and runs Tesladyne Industries, home of the Action Scientists (Recruiting now, via Kickstarter!). He’s also frequently confused, even more frequently harried and has this incredibly endearing combination of fierce competence and smarts and Doctor-esque ‘…what?’ confusion.


This is from his first meeting with his arch-nemesis, Doctor Dinosaur. Actually, Robo may have some issue with the arch-nemesis thing but Doctor Dinosaur is very  much in favor of it. And crystals. He loves crystals. And, as you’ll see interior decor. This is honestly my favorite comic page of everything I’ve ever read. It makes me smile every time, it made me laugh so hard the first time I read it that I woke Marguerite up and it’s this week’s Sunday Moment of Zen.

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