Sunday Moment of Zen: Tony and Pepper

As always, there’s a lot of speculation about what the next wave of Marvel movies will include. There’s the usual skutch of sequels, plus, it looks like, at least a couple of new movies from some nicely eccentric characters. The heavily rumored idea of Mads Mikkelsen as Doctor Strange, for example, is brilliant whilst the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer released this week looks exactly as odd as I desperately wanted it to be.

But there’s one thing I would pay very good money to see and have made my peace with them never making; A Tony and Pepper movie.

The banter between Robert Downey Jr’s magnificently over articulate genius and Gwynyth Paltrow’s wry, brilliant businesswoman never fails to make me smile for three reasons. Firstly, there’s the effortless way that Pepper manages Tony without him ever quite working it out and secondly because the pair of them are clearly so giddy, so delighted at finding someone they can play with that every scene they have hums with barely contained joy. Thirdly, there’s just how beautifully observed the relationship is. I know a lot of creatives who have exactly the trajectory that Tony Stark has in the scene below, from ‘OH GOD! THE END! IT’S THE END!’ to ‘Step aside, my darling. It is time to KICK ALL THE ASS.’

One of those creatives? Looks back at me in the mirror when I shave.

More importantly, I know a lot of their partners who do just this. Give them the space to rail, let them punch themselves out and then kick them in the butt on the way out of the door just to keep them motivated. And because it’s fun.

One of those wonderful, brilliant people? is my fiance.

I love you, hon. You complete me:)

So, until we get the Tony and Pepper futurist screwball comedy that plays in my head, this will do quite well. Welcome to the drop zone. And no, we’re not aborting the mission.


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