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Sfx Blog-2013

Aaaaand we’re back. This last year involved tag team work with Mr Kudos about the new Star Wars comic, more interviews, more reviews and my first ever piece of toy journalism.   And that’s it. Five years, about 291 pieces of work. There’ll be one more post after this collecting the paid TV reviews and …

Sfx Blog-2013

SFX Blog Archive: 2012

2012, or as I like to call it; the year I didn’t stop writing. There’s a lot of stuff here including interviews with the entire Monkeybrain Comics starting line up, more Blogbusters and reviews of a lot of the books I picked up at Thought Bubble the previous year.

SFX Blog Archive-2011

  Today’s journey through time and space takes us to 2011, the year I started experimenting with the opportunity I’d been given, played my first and to date only MMO and was given Blogbusters, the group blog on the site, to curate.

SFX Blog Archive-2010

Here’s the link log for 2010, where the mighty Ashes to Ashes finished and the fact that Wonder Woman was wearing trouser caused dudgeons to reach all new altitudes.

SFX Link Log-2009

Here’s the first of the link logs from SFX. This is from 2009, a year which saw Avatar, Moon, Gamer and 2012 amongst others open at the cinemas, Fringe enter its second season and Flashforward charge into its first and last. Enjoy.

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