Something Good: VioDance Boldly Goes

This medley of Star Trek TV by VioDance (Patreon at link) theme covers is a great way of showing how the music has evolved and built on itself over the years AND seeing how many it takes you to ugly cry! Oh and it’s definitely Something Good.    [youtube]

Something Good: Nerdy Lofi Beats

We’ve been bouncing around inside the hour plus mixes of synthwave and lofi on YouTube for a while now. However, as io9 pointed out there’s a bunch of geek-centric ones too, which is definitely Something Good. [youtube]

Something Good: Saib and Bebop

Saib is one of my favorite artists right now, their lo-fi, gentle beats are the perfect combination of funky and low impact for me. You can find their Bandcamp here, their Cowboy Bebop tribute album streaming below and trust me, all of it is Something Good. [youtube]    

Album Review: Fine Art & The Breslins

A little while back, I interviewed old friend Clara Barker about her second album, Fine Art & The Breslins. It’s a great album and now I’ve had a chance to listen to it a few times, it’s clear just how smart, and clear-eyed, Clara’s work on it is.

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