From Gallifrey to Elsinore

The 12th DoctorFor a ‘gap’ year, there’s a lot of Doctor Who news around at the moment. First off, the long awaited movie version has been officially announced by the BBC. On top of that, David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Euros Lyn are all at the San Diego Comic Convention this month, leading a lot of people to believe an announcement is forthcoming.
If so, the project couldn’t have stronger figureheads The kudos of having a project fronted by one of the most popular Doctors, produced by the man who resurrected the series and headed by one of its most successful directors can’t be over estimated. Nor, perhaps, can the fact that Lyn will be appearing on the back of his work on the Torchwood: Children of Earth mini-series.

Next up, Tennant will be returning to Elsinore as the RSC‘s superb Hamlet will be filmed for both DVD release and broadcast. It’s a staggeringly good production with the first definitive Hamlet of the 21st century at its head and I can’t wait to see how it holds up to being recorded.

The Dalek Incident Finally, Cubicle 7 have announced the Doctor Who roleplaying game will be published in October. It’s a boxed set, and I can particularly recommend the adventures booklet…

Back to the Village

The Prisoner was arguably the oddest piece of genre TV ever produced, a feverish mixture of espionage, psychological thriller, science fiction and the surrealist architecture of Portmeirion. It’s the definitive cult classic, a series as fascinating as it is frustrating and a puzzle people are still struggling to solve, decades later.
Later this year, it returns to television. The new version will star Jim Caviziel as Number Six and Sir Ian Mckellen as Number Two and is apparently set to explore the nature of identity and personal freedom in this wired, paranoia-drenched world. So like the man himself used to say, be seeing you…