The book is launched, the cake is not a lie.

So I wrote a book. And Fox Spirit have published it and it’s available now.

A book.

A whole entire book.

I’m really, really happy with it and on Friday we had the official launch party. A small group of friends came round, a huge amount of chilli was prepared and The Pseudopod Tapes was sent on its way.

Plus there was cake!

The lovely people at Devine Cakes were able to put the cover on a cake which was apparently designed to only feed eight people, as it was the smallest size they sold.


It’s two days post launch.


It’s still half there.


It may be GROWING.


It’s also delicious, incredibly light and beautifully iced and no I can’t tie any of those metaphors to the book but I can say the launch party was brilliant, and that our first review is both in and very good, and also that this is a real highlight of my year. I’ve got a book out there:) Which of course means it’s time to plan the next one…



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