The Books What I Write In

I’m working out of four notebooks at the moment. The Iron Man Moleskine on the top left is my Escape Artists/Patreon planning book. Ideas for posts, schedules for promo tweets, notes and outlines all go in there. Marguerite has the same range, but featuring Hulk, so every meeting actually is like the Avengers assembling. And then writing lots of things down and drinking coffee.

Top right is a lovely Superman notebook I got from one of those calendar stalls that’s always at the local mall before Christmas. Clark Kent, as I’ve talked about before, is a big role-model for me so there’s a bit of sympathetic magic at work here. And, on occasion, this song.

Down below is where we go Field Notes crazy. They’re a great company who produce hardy, versatile notebooks and I edge ever closer to buying a subscription every time I visit their site. On the left is a Resolution Book, which is their current limited edition run. It’s essentially a tick list journal where I put my daily to do list now my boards (Which will be the subject of a different post) are reconfigured. It’s a tough as nails, hardy little book and as it lives in my pocket it needs to be.

Finally, on the right is a Field Notes Expedition, one of their older limited editions. This is where I keep my awards reading notes. Which at the moment is for the first ever Brave New Words, the Red and Gold Tentacle for the Kitschies and the 2018 Shadow Clarke jury.

So, right now, these books are my brain. And a fifth may soon be joining them. But for now, these will do. And now, it’s time to go and write in them again…

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