The Full Lid: One Year Later

  • A year ago I opened my mouth and talked. This is how pretty much every good idea I’ve had starts; I express an opinion or an idea, and then after a run up I go and do it. Often, the idea is something I can sell. Usually it’s a news story, an essay, something like that. This good idea was different. I joked about how I could never have a newsletter because all it would be would be was me yelling about narrative architecture.53 replies, all saying ‘I’d read that’ or something similar later, it occurred to me I’d got myself in the best kind of trouble. One year and 209 subscribers later, that trouble remains a highlight of my week.

    So, thank you to those 53 people for calling me on my bullshit and the 200 plus folks who get the newsletter every week. Also and as always, massive thanks and love to Marguerite for ensuring that once I can’t back out of a thing I also get out of my own way.  Because I love doing this, and I’m so happy people enjoy reading it too.
    Any changes for year 2, I pretend to hear you ask? Well!

  • I keep thinking about commissioning a logo.
  • I’m toying with a Best Of The Full Lid Year 1 collection
  • I’m pretty certain I’m using MailChimp…let’s go with differently right…to how it was intended so I should look at that.Changes? Not so much. Plans? Oh yes. And to sign off, here are some of my favorite bits from the last year. Enjoy and see you on Friday.
  • The Sofa of Intellectual Property
  • A Slightly Longer Note About Ladymurder as Character Motivation
  • Take Up Space
  • WorldCon 76 Photo Supplement

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