The Full Lid So Far

Back in November, I joked about why I shouldn’t have a newsletter because all it would be is me talking about narratives and occasionally ranting a bit.

50 or so ‘I WOULD READ THAT’ responses later, I realized I might have something…

Coming up on three months later, The Full Lid is heading for 100 subscribers and has become one of my favorite things to do. Once a week, Fridays around 5pm. subscribers get a couple of thousand words from me on whatever’s caught my eye that week. So far I’ve talked Stranger Things 2, Hired Gun, Giant Days, my adventures re-learning how to swim and how my ongoing career reboot is going and what that’s doing to my confidence levels. There’s usually a youtube video and a bunch of songs in there too.

It’s fun! It’s me being culturally enthusiastic and perceptive and funny! I’m aiming for 200 subscribers by March and we’re making steady progress.  Want to be one of those 200? Brilliant, the sign up link is over here! Want to try before you sign? I’ve got your back.

Have an archive! One that will update sequentially as each issue comes out! SCIENCE!

There’s a subscription link on each previous issue or go over to my main page and sign up there. And I’ll see you this Friday for another Full Lid.

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