The Magnus Archives: Live Statement Transcription

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Yup that’s me. you’re probably wondering how i ended up in this situation. Well, last week The Magnus Archives had their first live show as part of The London Podcast Festival. The Magnus Archives is a show we’ve talked about here before, because, well, I used to be the lead villain.


I say villain…

Peter Lukas took over the Archives when his close…FRIEND…Elias Bouchard (‘Elias’ to his friends, ‘…ELIAS’ to Peter) was arrested for murder, Peter was a lovely, charming, jovial fellow, super interested in his employee’s health and especially in the radicalization of Martin (Played by Alexander J. Newall). You see, Peter, works for…something. And that something wants the Institute. And Martin is a big part of how it’s going to get it. So, Peter breaks Martin, Martin breaks the world, everyone goes home happy. Or screaming. Or happy. One of the two. It’s not happy. Unless you’re Peter.

Well…I say unless you’re Peter.

I don’t want to spoil much because the show is amazingly well put together, like an antique time piece made entirely of knives and you really should experience it for yourself.

That was our plan when we showed up. It lasted as long as Alex sitting me at one end of the signing line for the meet and greet and his partner Hannah pressganging Marguerite into being an extra set of hands. What followed was a profoundly weird and LOVELY half hour that turned into 90 minutes of signing people’s programs and tickets. SO many people said that they loved or hated my character and thanked me for playing him and it was such a PURE experience and one I didn’t know I frantically needed. This year has been a LOT, everyone and to have an experience in the middle of that which was an unalloyed, definitive positive was incredibly refreshing.

Plus I think I successfully sold them on a prequel series starring Elias and Peter as stockbrokers.

Anyway! The show. The Magnus Archives Live cleverly does three excellent things:

  • Explains the premise of the show to new listeners
  • Sets up WAY more longterm plot than you might think
  • Has a really excellent running gag involving a dog

It was a brilliant night. It would have been a brilliant night without the signing line and being called onstage to take part in the cast Q&A that closed the show but with it? It was inspiring. It was…restful? It was amazing, thanks to everyone for coming in.

The photo! Right!

SO, there is a general consensus among some fans that Elias and Peter are in fact in a long term, deeply weird but loving relationship. This is adorable and I’ve decided it’s true. Plus, it turns out that Ben (Yes his moustache is amazing) and I never actually recorded together so this was the first time we met. As a result, and thanks to the chunky jumper and captain’s hat Marguerite acquired for me, it was time for the murderhusbands to murderhusband up. And we ROCKED it.

The Magnus Archives is in it’s season 4/5 hiatus. Start at the beginning. Take notes. It’s AMAZING. Thanks to Zalia for the photo, Marguerite for the signing line photo and epic costume location skills and the entire team and fans for being so welcoming.

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