Georgie Mac‘s zine slides sideways through your expectations into comedy, surrealism and pop culture. The moon is hatching. A new kind of astronaut, propelled out into the universe to seek answers discover the truth and be caught, as we all are, in the awe-inspiring gravitational pull of Steve Harrington’s hair.

Max’s collage work here is fantastic, the photographic components giving a sharp, high-definition snap to the glorious weirdness on display. The astronaut hatches from a NASA map of lunar landing sites. The classic photo above becomes a salute not to a country or to the spirit of human endeavour but to just how much effort Steve puts into his hair. Cosmic vortices of keratin vie for your attention with fast food, big universes and bigger questions. It knows exactly what it is, something new, and it shows you that with total confidence and visual wit. Deadpan, deep pan and making the high frontier the exact right kind of weird.

A New Kind of Astronaut is out now.

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