The November Blogs: It was an ok day

Kama Mielczarek’s zines always have voices that carry. It was an okay day: a simple zine of positive things, was the first work they did that I found and I’m glad I did.

It was an okay day is a single page of A4 folded down into a small essay about Mielczarek’s day. It’s the sort of methodical, light-touch cataloguing of life that always helps because we all do this and not all of us listen to our needs when we do. Reading for pleasure, tending plants, working one problem at a time. It’s all simple stuff and it’s all the simple stuff we throw by the wayside when we get busy.

Mielczarek is here to remind us of that and how it’s not a good idea. The creative process itself becomes a lens to focus this on and that’s what I liked the most. ‘I remind myself that art is for me, not I – for the art’ is a hell of a maxim and one we could all do with remembering more often.

It was an okay day: A Simple Zine of Positive Things is out now

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