The dog is FINE, don’t worry. I mean, they’re made entirely of yearning and contemplating some canine scuba action but they are fine.

Tragedy by Becky Howard is another one of those zines that embodies everything good about the art form. It’s an A6 foldout, a single page of A4 that’s crammed full of humour and observation. The story is exactly what it looks like; two dogs play with a ball, one drops it in a pool and doggo yearning ensues.

What makes it so charming is how good a storyteller Howard is. The ball game bursts with that chaotic bounce and abandon that goodest boys having the goodest time embody. The stillness that follows, as you see above, is all the funnier for it. Howard captures the dogs’ absolute lack of filter, and presents it and the consequences in a story the size of a page. It’s funny and sweet and clever and the foldout image made me smile for a day. They’re good dogs, and this is a great zine.

Tragedy is out now.

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