The November Blogs: Welcome!


Welcome to my new website courtesy of the amazing Clockpunk Studios. Isn’t it cool?! Special thanks to Marguerite, for everything, as usual, and also the amazing Andrew Jack for putting together my VA demo reels and Jeremy Carter for the excellent headshot you see adorning the Featured Image box.

So you may have noticed the…Musky aroma around social media right now. I’m not planning on going anywhere in the short term but I do want to educate people that you can find me places other than on, as Friend of the Lid Matt Wallace puts it, the goddamn twitters. With that in mind, we’re going to do a November blog series!

Like everyone who does what I do I’ve accumulated a LOT of stuff I haven’t quite got to yet. This month I’m making time! Monday to Friday you’ll get a little, maybe 500 word, piece on a piece of media I’ve owned for a while and haven’t got round to. Zines, books, movies, comics, games, TV shows. Maybe an album or two? We’ll see. So, welcome to November. Let’s talk about some fun stuff.

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