The Number One Holiday Spot for Transylvanian Nobility

I had an excellent Bank Holiday Monday in Whitby. We had lunch at one of the dockside cafes and then set off on the traditional journey to the end of Whitby Pier. It’s a huge, two stage affair and the second section is regularly gated off in high seas. It was open when we were there but the wind coming off the sea was still incredible.
Afterwards, we walked along the beach, discovered some friendly donkeys, did a little fossil hunting and headed home, all without once seeing the Demeter crash into the shore.

Possibly because Dracula himself has gone all Web 2.0. Whitney Sorrow is currently telling the story in real time, from Jonathan Harker’s point of view. If you’ve never read the story before it’s a perfect place to start. Just remember, enter freely and of your own will…

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