Where I Am This Week


Here’s where you can find my stuff this week:


Bleeding Cool

Free Graphic Novel About The Winnipeg Riots and The Murder of Mike Sokolowski

Graphic Novel Program Helps Young Canadian Offenders Break The Cycle

10 (Ish. Shut up, 3 is illegal, creep! Send him to the isocubes!) Things About The Dredd Trailer

The Upcoming Films of Alan Moore



Final Girl Theory by AC Wise.



Wane, by Elizabeth Bear. I co-read this with Marguerite and it’s just huge fun. It’s part of Bear’s New Amsterdam series, an alternate history where the Aztec Empire never faded. Picture an unusual, uneasy combination of courtly intrigue, magic and punching.  I got to read a Prince, a Colonial Governor, an Aztec diplomat and a politely vampiric Spanish detective, it was great.




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