Where I Was This Week-July 7th 2012

Bleeding Cool

A quieter week for me this week, but I got a couple of meaty stories to play with. The first movie adaptation of Lee Child‘s Jack Reacher series of novels has been completed, directed by Christopher McQuarrie and starring Tom Cruise. Given that Reacher is continually described in the stories as being a 6’5 slab of grizzled, death bringing meat, this surprised me a little bit. I talk about the newly released teaser, Cruise, fight psychology and fail to explain a point to the extent I maybe should have, just over here.

I also got handed The Dark Knight Rises press kit to play with, albeit in electronic form. Fun fact fact fans, I was part of the last generation of journalists to receive paper press kits. We used to get a big sheaf of A4 notes, a few black and white glossies from the movie and very occasionally some pens or t-shirts or such. A friend of mine still has the Anaconda press kit with the pop out Anaconda. And yes I’m still jealous. Anyway, I go through the Dark Knight Rises kit and pull out some interesting quotes, as well as some interesting things they’re not saying, here.


Over at SFX, this week’s Blogbusters is about mash-ups. Well, it’s actually about metatextuality and how you can throw a new light on one text by interlacing it or referencing it with another. Mash-ups are the song version of this and there are entire albums based around the concept, most notably by 2ManyDJs. The movie, TV or book version of it tends to be a little more indirect, with characters or locations being indirectly referred to or riffed upon. My favorite example remains Fringe, very much the spiritual successor to The X-Files, acknowledging it’s past with this gag.  Done right it’s glorious and often hilarious and that’s what we look at this week.

I’m also behind ‘Isn’t It About Time You Gave Blade: Trinity Another Chance?’ this week. The Isn’t It About Time… feature is great fun, and massively difficult, to do as you’re basically having an argument with yourself over something and writing it down. In this instance, it’s the third and by most people’s lights least of the Blade trilogy, although it remains one of my favorites even after being paid to rag on the thing incessantly. So if you fancy reading probably the nerdiest Socratic dialogue written this week, I’m your huckleberry.


Finally, this week’s Pseudopod is The Rainbow Serpent by Vincent Pendergast, an elegantly tense piece of Australian horror that plays with a couple of my favorite tropes.

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