Where I Was This Week-June 30th 2012

Here’s where you can find me this week:


Bleeding Cool

A busy week for me at Bleeding Cool began with interviewing Si Spurrier about Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Avatar‘s second web comic. The first print collection was solicited this week and I talked to Si about the genesis of the series, the very interesting meta-fictional elements of it and how writing a weekly comic is different to his other work. Si’s a great writer, Crossed is a gleefully horrific universe and Wish You Were Here is one of the strongest entries in the series so far.

The San Diego Comic Con hype machine is gearing up and I wrote about an interesting rumor that the Gareth Edwards-directed Godzilla movie is scheduled to make it’s first appearance, of sorts, there. Given some of the other movies debuting there it would make a ton of sense and the production has been suspiciously quiet, even if cameras haven’t quite yet rolled yet.

Atomic Robo is rapidly becoming one of my all time-favorite comic series. The story of an artificially intelligent robot created by Nikola Tesla in 1923 and his adventures down through the decades, it’s a series which balances pulp sensibilities and invention with pitch perfect humor and extremely smart writing. The latest series, Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific, began this week and it was a pleasure both to read and write about.

Finally, the long-awaited trailer for The Man With The Iron Fists, directorial debut of The RZA and a heady combination of Kung Fu, Western and one of the most eclectic casts of recent years, arrived this week. I pointed out nine things about it.



This week’s Blogbusters saw me ask the team what fictional city they’d like to live in, as well as, once again, expressing my rank amazement at R Kelly’s unique view of Gotham City. One day I’ll get over that, but not, it seems, today. I really enjoy doing the bumpers for Blogbusters and I suspect this is one of the times it shows.

The second of my reviews of the magnificent Atomic Robo also went up there this week. Once again, this is a comic called Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific and it’s at least as fun, if not more so, than that name suggests.

I also blogged about the Waffles for Stephanie campaign, which has to be one of the politest, most good-natured pieces of fan activism I’ve ever seen. If you’re a Batgirl fan, go, look and consider sending DC Comics some waffles. Steph would do the same for you. Special thanks for this piece also has to go the magnificent DC Women Kicking Ass, one of the best comics sites there is. If you’re a comics fan, especially a DC one, you need to be reading it.


The Girls’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse

This week I ended up on the other side of the keyboard, when The Girls’ Guide To The Apocalypse interviewed me as part of their Ask The Experts feature. GGSA is a superb site run by good friends of mine, who, realizing how well prepared they were for the apocalypse (Any apocalypse) decided to pool and share that knowledge with the internet. They are, flat out, one of the best sites out there and it was a pleasure to be interviewed by them. Plus the photo used makes me look just a little outdoorsy.



Fyodor Sologub’s The White Dog was this week’s Pseudopod story, bookended, as ever by me. Expertly read by Tanja Milojevic, it’s an ice cold story of identity, loss and what it means to fall outside society.

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