Where you can find me at Fantasycon

Everywhere, odds are in motion and wearing a high-vis vest. Marguerite and I are co-running the Redcloak volunteers again this year so we, and our elite team of badasses, will be directing traffic, ensuring panels start and finish on time and answering questions. We’ll be in this building.




And you can find full details of the con here. It’s sold out I’m afraid but if you have tickets, that’s a great rundown of what’s going on.

I’m also continuing my tradition of being none more meta and redcloaking a panel I myself am moderating. Details of which are below:


Room: Suite 2
10.00am Sounds Like A Great Story: the Science and Psychology of Audio Fiction
Audio fiction is a rapidly growing market, marrying artistry and technology, but often writers have little idea what to expect when their works are recorded in audio. Our panel offers a range of experiences and perspectives on the joy of audio.

  • what is attractive about working in audio and why are people reticent about giving it due recognition?
  • the market for audio, now & future
  • key considerations for producing, distributing & promoting audio

Moderator: Alasdair Stuart
Panelists: Chris Barnes, James Goss, Marguerite Kenner, Del Lakin-Smith, Emma Newman


That’s a ridiculously talented section of podcasters, authors, producers, editors and publishers to be discussing the issue and this should be something more than the usual ‘How Do You Do Podcasting?’ panel that I was on at least three times last year. That being said, there’s always room for that sort of information and I’ll have a cheatsheet for getting started either here or on the Fantasycon site after the weekend.

So, if you’re going, see you there. For those of you who don’t know, this is me. Only in color.

shrunken head

And if not, I’ll see back here next week.

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